Established in 1993 by Marine and Nicolas Claris Claris is a company that produces, develops and creates images for the luxury industry: yachting, super yachting, vineyards, architecture, food and more...
Our flexibility, our understanding, our creativity, our availability and our experience make us unique in our ability to work for individual owners, small companies as well as large corporations.
To provide the best service to our clients we perform in-house as many techniques as possible. For example, we run ourselves digital touch-up, video editing of our 4K images and soundtracks. We do deliver images ready to broadcast. The design of a communication image is to promote a company, a product or a brand. There are no random when it comes to framing a picture or a film shot: everything comes from an analysis upstream keeping the necessary space to our creativity.
As an image builder, Claris produces also websites, brochures, books and other marketing tools.

Claris is :
- Member of the French Federation of Nautical Industry (Superyachtfrance)
- Member of the International Superyacht Society