Whether it's a half-day shooting or a construction follow-up over several months (or years), whether the aim is to show a visit within your structure, highlight your know-how, present your production or your specificities and services, we will always invest all our knowledge. From writing the story of the project, preparing professional shooting in 4k, (drone with authorizations, multi cameras, helicopter, Steadicam) to the various stages of the post-production (editing, sound creation, calibration, subtitling) we are on every step so that the film matches best your initial brief while respecting the desired delivery time and budget.

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Romain Claris is in charge of the video department of the Claris agency. As a director, cameraman, steadicam® operator, editor and sound designer, he has created more than 200 short films and institutional capacity, documentaries and commercials for the agency. Director since 2000, many of his personal films were selected and awarded at numerous international festivals… Romain Claris was graduated from the CLCF (Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français) in 2005.
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